Quotes in 2009 I was lucky enough to have purchased the lovely W.E.S MERLIN through Jess and Rhys. Bought as a showjumper he has by far exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful for Jess and Rhys, they helped me find my special boy, who is now a royal show and HOTY Champion!! I owe all of our success to them and I will be forever grateful!!! Quotes
Bree Orford
Satisfied customer

Quotes I recently bought a gorgeous hack from Jess and Rhys.I fell in love with him the moment I saw him.He is exactly as they described him as,a true gentleman and a real character who is beautifully educated on and off the ground thanks to Jess.The on going care & helpful tips have been wonderful for this young at heart rider who over the years has lost her nerve but Sparky is changing all of that and we are and will have lots of fun together for years to come!Thanks Jess and Rhys for this amazing horse who has a very special meaning to me. Quotes
Sarah Cullen
Very satisfied customer

Quotes I was lucky enough to purchase the perfect horse just recently from Jess and Rhys. I knew the horse was right for me the first time I rode her, and so did they. I had spent months trying quite of few duds, not at all what was advertised and ended up with a true pocket rocket and jumping freak at 5 yrs old, beautifully trained by the dynamic pair. She is young, pretty and talented, just like me. She is a absolute pleasure to handle/take out and ride. A real indication of the care and training she has had. So let?s hope we can continue our education together. Quotes
Katherine Strelein

Quotes Last year my daughter purchased a small hack from Jess. I must say I was sceptical, I am always a bit suss, people say don't buy from a "dealer", "professional etc" "you'll never be able to ride the horse as good as them". But we decided the day we saw him at a show that we liked him and put him on the truck then and there. I wish to say that our family, even including the husband, could not be more happy with the horse. What we saw is exactly what we got. Nightlife is a real dude, such a character, an easy horse that is a true delight to handle, care for and show, and he is sound and 100% drug free. It is such fun to own such a lovely horse. Only wish I could feed him more cause he keeps talking - but he is getting far too fat. Quotes
Heather Benton

Quotes Hi Jess and Rhys, this is a great website i guarrentee you i will be on it often!! you have lovely horses on your website too!! Emma Quotes
Emma Mitchell

Quotes Great web site, you should put a link off the rowes lagoon web site to this one.. and vice versa. :) Quotes

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